The following is a collection of articles and excerpts that can help you better understand Activity Management. Make sure you check back to this page often to read new articles as they are published. WATCH IT. READ IT. PRINT IT.


An unusual experiment that was done back in the 1960’s can shed some light on how best to run an insurance agency or financial services firm today. A professor from Stanford left two abandoned cars with their hoods open in two bipolar neighborhoods. The expected thing happened on a rundown street in the Bronx; within ten minutes, people started stripping it and within three days it was destroyed. And to the one left in a rich Palo Alto neighborhood? An unexpected thing happened…


The first time it was an accident, that is, an accident for me. I hadn’t planned to go there. I’d been driving for seven hours, and, tired of the road, decided to stop for the night before going on to San Francisco. The hotel was located in a redwood grove overlooking the Pacific. By the time I walked into the lobby, the sun was setting and the grove had turned dark as pitch. Instantly something told me that I was in a special place. The lobby was warmly lighted. Redwood paneling…


Leadership, by former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, celebrates the wonders of accountability and the spirit of America. Who would have ever thought that a government organization could be so transformed? In the 1980s and 1990s, New York City averaged 9,000 to 10,000 felonies a week and between 1,800 and 2,200 murders a year. (If you think it’s difficult to turn around production trends, consider overcoming that challenge!) New York’s dangerous…


A few years back, the film-maker Errol Morris made a fascinating documentary called Fast, Cheap & Out of Control, in which a lion tamer explains that he brandishes a chair at an enraged big cat to confuse it and dissipate its anger. The animal is biologically programmed to focus on one thing and then attack it. When the lion tamer holds up a chair, the big cat sees four things and all of a sudden, he has four points of interest-the four legs of the chair-and doesn’t know which…


A lot of leaders have catchy slogans on their desk; many believe in them. The two-word sign on my desk genuinely summarizes my whole philosophy: I’m Responsible. During my time at City Hall I did my best to make those words a signature theme for every employee, starting with myself. Throughout my career, I’ve maintained that accountability-the idea that the people who work for me are answerable to those we work for-is the cornerstone. And this principle start with me…


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