The SAM faculty is comprised of industry leading experts who not only have a high level understanding of the industry, but who are also passionate about the industry and those who work in it. Our faculty has made the commitment to changing the way agents and agencies grow their understanding and profitability.

Morris Sims

Morris Sims

Morris Sims has been enhancing the careers of industry business professionals for over 30 years. Starting as a Chemical Engineer, he went on to become a Financial Services Professional and trained train Reps and Managers while Vice President and Chief Learning Officer of New York Life.

A decades-long user of SAM tools, Morris recently retired to start Sims Training and Consulting, LLC and bring his unique expertise and field experience to the industry-at-large.  He also joined SAM University to help clients successfully implement and maintain a goal-oriented coaching system and high-performance culture.

With vast experience in enhancing the on-boarding, retention and productivity of producers, Morris conducts leadership workshops, writes books and publishes web-based training. His new book, Practical Influence will be available in June 2017.

He helps agents with a 3-Step System to identify what you really want, create a Specific Plan of Action to get what you want, and a Support System That Will Never Fail to follow through. Completing the 3-Steps is the beginning to Accelerating Your Success… NOW! Reach Morris at

Machen MacDonald – SAM Faculty Sales Coach

For almost a quarter century Machen MacDonald has dedicated himself to helping business owners, sales professionals, financial advisors, and financial services executives discover their purpose and help them align their focus to achieve dramatic and measurable improvements both in business and in life.

As the consummate entrepreneur, Machen started five successful service companies and went on to succeed in financial services as an advisor working his way into award winning field management and then into executive level management before founding The ProBrilliance Leadership Institute. He understands and can relate first hand to the challenges small business owners, sales professionals, advisors, managers and corporate leaders all face.

Machen is a #1 best selling author and creator of the highly successful Power of Coaching book series. He is a certified business coach and life coach, certified Master Coach and Certified MindScan Consultant.

Mickey Straub – SAM Faculty Activity Management Coach

Mickey Straub started out his career as an agent for 16 years; two as a federal agent and 14 as an insurance agent. Mickey is the president of Sales Activity Management, Inc., (SAM) which he founded in 1995 to make a difference and to make success available to everyone. He served on the NAIFA Chicago board for ten years and is also a huge sponsor of GAMA International. SAM is an industry partner that provides us our SAM Planners and the eScoreBoard, as they do for over 70,000 industry professionals annually.

Mickey is a father, husband, businessman, churchgoer, and two years ago he was also able to prove that SAM’s strategies can also help people accomplish their personal goals, too, when he became the first person in the country to do a patriotic, cross-country trip called “50 Capitols in 50 Days”. He then proved it again while running for Mayor of Burr Ridge, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago that he describes as a “small town with a deep bench” because of its accomplished residents and incredible companies.


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